Dovedale Y4/Y5


 Dovedale Class is taught by Miss Blagden and Mrs Dunne. 

Dovedale Christmas Medley Item

Hope Valley Climate Action Visit


With Climate Change at the forefront of everyone’s minds and young inspirational speakers like Greta Thunberg capturing the interest of the pupils, the school were pleased to invite Ghazala and Steve from Hope Valley Climate Action in to the classroom to discuss their experiences with our Year 4,5 and 6 children. 

Ghazala shared her inspiring Antarctica trip with the children and allowed for lots of discussion about her first hand experiences as well as answering general climate change questions. The children followed this up with a card game activity that allowed them to think about the changes they could make at home and at school in order to reduce their carbon footprint! The children’s climate change pledges were written on their pledge card and taken home in order to remind themselves of the little changes they’d like to make.

The school look forward to welcoming Ghazala and Steve back in the New Year to see how they’ve been getting on with their changes both at home and at school.

Ancient Greece comes to Dovedale Class!

In Dovedale Class this term, we have already been extremely busy getting stuck in and learning new things. One of the things we have enjoyed most is traveling back in time to Ancient Greece! We have loved learning all about this amazing civilisation.

Our class book is ‘Who Let the Gods Out?’ and we are really enjoying reading this funny, exciting book. Have a look at some of the ‘Wanted’ posters we made for the main characters, Elliot and Virgo, after they broke into Stonehenge! Check out the pictures of us performing the scripts we wrote of our favourite chapters too.

In History, we have been learning lots of fascinating facts about Ancient Greek culture. We were introduced to some of the Greek gods and goddesses in ‘Who Let the Gods Out?’ so in our Topic lessons we found out more about them and used our knowledge to create some ‘Top Trumps’ for our favourite deities! Some of us even invented our own gods and goddesses! Have a look at some of our work in the pictures.

We also learned about the Ancient Greek theatre and some of the mythology linked to the gods, goddesses, heroes and villains! We then created our own theatre masks and wrote and performed some of our own myths. We really enjoyed sharing our masks along with our scripts in our Friday Celebration Collective Worship too! Can you spot any familiar faces amongst the Olympians?

Things weren’t always peaceful in Ancient Greece! We found out about the Battle of Marathon (the origin of the modern Marathon race). We then did some writing in character as people living during these conflicts. Have a read of them yourself! Can you imagine what it could have been like?

Even our Art topic this term has had an Ancient Greek flavour! We have found out all about Greek pottery and designed our own plates and urns inspired by this incredible art form. We have been practising our clay skills and thinking about how we can use them to make our final pieces. Have a look at some of our designs in the pictures- we can’t wait to make them a reality!

As well as all our groovy Greek excitement, we have been honing our investigation skills in our Science lessons during our topic on ‘Light and Sound’. We have been making scientific observations, logging and recording data and even creating some of our own inventions!! Have a look at some of Dovedale’s budding scientists in the pictures.

Watch this space for more excitement in Dovedale Class later this term!


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