Stanage Y3

Y3 is taught by Mrs Garner, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Jackson.

Week beginning 13.7.20            

Year Group: Y3

Thank you to all those who sent their work last week and messages to Ines. She was thrilled with her card. I really enjoyed looking at your work and have been printing examples to add to the work done in school, to form a display that we can all enjoy in September. 

Numeracy (Mrs Garner’s lessons)


On Monday and Tuesday I will be taking you through the starters by video. Please have a paper and pencil ready each day.


Times Tables Practice

Practise your 8 times table and see how quickly you can chant them aloud.  Continue to work on the division facts too - (4 x 8 = 32 so 32 ÷ 8 = 4). 

Practise your 8 times table using ‘Hit the Button’, but then change to use

‘HIT THE QUESTION’.                                



Times Tables Practice

Practise your 9 times table and see how quickly you can chant them aloud. 

Continue to work on the division facts too - (4 x 9 = 36 so 36 ÷ 9 = 4). 

Practise your 9 times table using ‘Hit the Button’, but then change to use

‘HIT THE QUESTION’.                                     



Doubles Practice

Practise your doubles up to double 20 is 40 

Practise these using ‘Hit the Button - Doubles’.                                   

Numeracy (Mrs Taylor’s lessons) 


 Your last week of being a Year 3! This week will be all about using the skills you have been taught this year to solve problems. Each day there is a problem, investigation or activity that involves using your Year 3 maths skills! Maths can be lots of fun J I would love to see how you get on with these challenges.


**Adult permission and supervision required**

Stanage class bake-off! Following this link, you will find a Fairy Cake Recipe Sheet. Alternatively, you may have a recipe book at home that you can follow to bake some cupcakes. Make sure you measure out all the ingredients carefully. I would love to see photos of your creations!

Alternatively, if baking isn’t for you, you might want to have a go at this problem: Can you work out the coded hundred square?


Click on the link: and scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find an ‘Escape the Room’ activity. Use the clues to crack the code! You will be using some literacy skills too!

Wednesday and Thursday

Have a go at these challenges: where the multi-step problems really get your brains working! Email me to let me know how many of the challenges you have completed and I can send you a copy of the answers and a digital certificate!

Friday click on this link to find lots of free online maths games. They are fun and you get to practise your maths skills through play!

Happy holidays! Well done Year 3. You have made it through the toughest few months and I am so proud of you all. I hope you have a great summer and I look forward to seeing you when you become Y4s in September! It will be so nice to see you all again. Love Mrs Taylor x




Spelling (Answers are at the bottom as usual).

This week’s words are –


handle    miracle   circle   bicycle   jungle   cycle   icicle


Now sort them out into alphabetical order.



Today I would like you to write a letter to send to Year 2 children as they are thinking about the move from KS1 to KS2.

Think and share with friends or family members some of the things that you have enjoyed in Year 3. How different was it when you moved from Year 2 to Year 3? Think about how you felt a year ago and the questions you asked. Perhaps you could help them to feel happy about coming into a new class, in a new building.



Spelling – (Answers are at the bottom as usual.)

This week’s words are –

handle    miracle   circle   bicycle   jungle   cycle   icicle


Fill in the missing words –


  1. Some children come to school on a scooter and some use a _____________.
  2. A ______________ is a 2D shape with a circular face.
  3. We couldn’t get into our classroom because the _________________ of the door was broken.
  4. Some animals that live in the ______________ face extinction as so many trees are being cut down.
  5. It was bitterly cold last week and snowing hard so it wasn’t surprising to see an ____________ hanging from my roof.
  6. Max went on a long _____________ ride with his brother last week.


One word has not been used in your missing word activity above. Work out which it is and make up a sentence of your own using that missing word.



Do make sure you finished your letter to the Y2s. Please send these to me using the class email address so that I can put some on the web site and some in Howden classroom for those Y2 children currently in school.


Handwriting (for those who have finished their letter).

 School and home life was very strict for Victorian children. Children had to obey many rules at school and in the home. Rules were often put up on the wall to remind children of how they should behave. Using your best, fully joined handwriting, copy these school rules out carefully.


Attend school with

Hands and face clean.

Speak the truth.

Never use rude words

Or names.

Be silent in school.

Avoid bad company.

Do not quarrel.



Spelling (Answers are at the bottom as usual).

Today there is a short quiz. Try and answer the questions without looking at your spellings –


  1. Which five words end in ‘cle’?
  2. Which word ends in ‘gle’?
  3. Which word ends in ‘dle’?
  4. Can you think of two more words that end in ‘cle’?
  5. Can you think of two words which end in ‘ble’?

Jot down your answers but take care to spell your words correctly!



Use what you have learnt about Victorian Schools -

Finish this diary extract about a school day –


                                                                               Tuesday 19th June 1880

Dear Diary,

Today I awoke at 6am to the sound of three baby blackbirds singing at my window. They were so noisy I got quite a shock. As I was already awake, I made my bed and went to wash my face. Afterwards I got dressed and put on my shoes ready for school. I was worried about going to school today because yesterday I was unable to read some difficult words, during a reading of the Bible in front of the class. The teacher told me to practise at home but we do not have a Bible. After my breakfast I said goodbye to Ma and Pa and went to meet my friend.

I walked to school swiftly with my friend Nora which took us thirty minutes. When we arrived at school my feet were aching and I needed a drink, however we are not allowed to drink water during school time. My teacher called the register, Edith was late again! Then it was time to work.



Spelling –

Please ask someone to test you on your weekly spellings today.




Watch the video clip, which lasts ten minutes, about Dr Barnardo –

The link below gives you more information but in written form, about his life.

Write a short fact file about his life OR if you prefer, use the worksheet below, which is questions to answer about him.

DrBarnardoQuiz (1).doc

You can present your work in written form or using ICT. Don’t forget to proof read your writing carefully.




A time to finish any Literacy work that you may have not finished during the week. Don’t forget to proofread all your Literacy work too.

Enjoy reading a book from home or finding out more about what changes there were, during Queen Victoria’s reign.



Use what you have learned about Victorian Children at School to make a quiz which you can try out on your family or friends. Aim to write about 8 to 10 questions but do remember to do an answer sheet too!


Do send me some of your quizzes to the class email address -                                                 

 I could try them out on the teachers!


Science - Lesson 7


We are very near the end of our Rocks topic. This last week please think about all the things inside and outside our homes and school that is made from rocks. You could try and find pictures or you could draw your own pictures. Whichever you choose, don’t forget to label each one carefully and neatly. Some examples could be – garden path, fireplace, brick wall.



The forecast is better for next week and it looks like we can spend more time outside. Have a go at making a miniature garden. A large plate or a plastic tray forms a good base. You could use some small rocks from your garden. Little pebbles make nice paths and borders.

You can create your own plan or you can research ‘How to make a miniature garden’ on the internet.

Do take a photo of your garden and send it to me via the class email –

Spelling Answers

Monday - Alphabetical Order

bicycle    circle    cycle    handle    icicle    jungle    miracle


Tuesday - Missing words are-

bicycle      circle      handle      jungle     icicle       cycle      

miracle - is the word not used.           


Wednesday   - quiz answers-

bicycle     circle     cycle    icicle     miracle     




Do have a lovely Summer Holiday Year 3, I have missed us all being together very much. I will look forward to seeing you all again, back in school in September!       Take care, Mrs Garner.


The Romans

The children really enjoyed learning about the Romans. The Roman Army and Everyday Life were the most fascinating to explore. On the display you can see Roman shields, slaves and a scrapbook containing diaries the children wrote about their day at a Roman School. The shields were really difficult to make, as the designs had to be symmetrical!