Eco Council

Eco Council has two representatives from each class who are voted for by the class. They are presented with badges in our assembly. They meet regularly to monitor the impact of various environmental initiatives and take a lead in recycling and making effective use of our school grounds. They are responsible for litter picking to keep our grounds tidy and safe for wild life and for disposing of recycled items from each class. They encourage all pupils to travel smartly to and from school either by walking, scooting or biking safely.

The Eco Council ran a successful Eco Day. Building up to the day, all children in the school had been thinking about different Eco Schools Topics.

Kinder Class – The School Grounds

Ringinglow – Recycling

Derwent – Water

Stanage – Healthy Eating

Mam Tor – Biodiversity

Dovedale – Litter

Longshaw – Global Citizenship/ Fairtrade

Each class produced posters to highlight what they have found out and how they can make a difference.


On the day, thanks to a group of parent volunteers, all children in the school took part in outdoor activities. The children were busy clearing the pond of leaves, clearing and planting seeds in our vegetable raised beds. Tidying our flower and fruit raised beds and the younger children were busy weeding. All children planted a sunflower seed for the sunflower competition. More information below.

 Following our last ECO market which raised money for a new scooter rack, we held an Eco Enterprise Market run by the Eco Council. Every child in the school made an item to be sold at the Market. The children worked really hard to make some wonderful items to be sold. On the day the Eco Council class representatives sold the items. The Market was well attended and the Eco Council were delighted to make £205.50. The money raised is going towards a a new set of raised beds to enable us to grow more herbs and vegetables. Well done to everyone involved. A fantastic amount raised.



Many of you planted a sunflower seed on the Eco-day in April. The aim of the competition is to grow the tallest sunflower…..there will be a prize for the winner!

So, keep the compost in the pot moist and put the pot on a window sill where it will be warm and light. When your seed sprouts, wait until the plant is about 10cm tall. Then, plant it in your garden in a sunny spot. Keep the sunflower plant well-watered and weed free.

Measuring your sunflower in September...  Bring the measurement to school. You can bring a photo if you like. The person with the tallest sunflower will be the winner. In the event of a tie, Mrs Thompson and Mrs Ford will come to your garden and check the measuring!

Happy growing.