Art and DT


Pair of glasses leaf sculpture      Leaf sculpture of a giraffe             A tree                     Leaf Sculpture of a house


Term 1 (Sept-Dec)

Term 2 (Jan-Easter)


Term 3 (Easter-Jul)


Year 1

DT: Puppets

Art: still life (toys)

Drawing and Painting


DT: food

Art: Archimboldo, collage

DT: vehicles

Art: Modelling (rockets, trains and cars)


Year 2

Art: Portraits

Drawing and painting

Art: Printing

Making flags

DT: Chinese kites

DT: Houses and Bridges (Great Fire of London)

DT: local food – Derbyshire oatcakes and Bakewell pudding

Art: observational art, drawing, local area.


Year 3


Art: cave paintings

(plus Georgia O’Keefe poppies)

DT papier mache caves

DT: wooden chariots

Art: Kandinsky. Patterns (incl mosaics).

DT: food

Art: Easter crafts: drawing, painting, collage

Art: Andy Goldsworthy, natural materials, collage

DT: Making wishing wells, winding up


Year 4

Art: Anglo Saxon illuminated manuscripts,

DT: make a volcano

DT: Anglo Saxon helmets, modelling

Ancient Egyptian Art: Textiles and collage; painting and printing.

Art: Van Gogh

Painting and colour

DT: Food – local restaurants and shops e.g. advertising


Year 5

Art: still life, drawing, Cezanne


DT: Building Shelters

Art: uses of paint; Turner, Pollock, (paint patterns)

DT: Models

DT: Greek architecture (e.g. columns)

Art: Greek sculpture



Year 6

Art: Pop Art


Art: Pop Art


DT: Mechanical Projects

DT: Moving Toys


Pen & Ink


Pen & Ink