Term 1 (Sept-Dec)

Term 2 (Jan-Easter)


Term 3 (Easter-Jul)


Year 1


Maps local- UK Capital cities,

Out & About link to transport theme. Local geographical vocabulary. Compare village with town e.g. Hathersage/Sheffield


Year 2


Maps & flags

Continents, oceans







Local Geography/ fieldwork

Routes on map, orienteering


Year 3


Where we live-

countries, map work, the world






Comparing places London




Year 4





Volcanoes & Mountains

Key physical features in Europe/Americas


Water Cycle



Field work/ map work- UK study


Year 5


Map Reading –Latitude/Longitude






Europe/America- tourism, compare Alps to Florida


Ecology & Resources

Biomes, bio –diversity.


Year 6


France- Paris focus



Rain forest/ South America

Vegetation belts