Welcome to the Parent's, Teacher's and Friend's Association of Hathersage St Michael's C of E (A) Primary School.  We are an incredibly busy and friendly group who work hard to organise fundraising and social events for the school.

Please click on the link below to take you to our dedicated website.

We welcome all offers of help including helping to organise events, manning stalls, making teas and donating goods or services.  Please ask at the school office for names of committee members if you feel you can help.


PTFA Whole School Collaborative Collage Project 

Parents, teachers, friends and children of Hathersage St. Michael’s CE (A) Primary School have worked hard to ensure this socially distanced, collaborative collage project came to fruition.

A professional designer outlined a picture of our school in it’s beautiful setting. This was enlarged and made into a grid. The grid was cut up into numbered sections which matched a pre-coloured replica. Every child in the school was given a numbered square which they needed to locate on the grid and colour accordingly. The grid was then carefully pieced together until the full picture emerged.

This ingenious idea has been a very successful collaborative project as we are currently spending so much time working in separate bubbles and holding PTFA meetings remotely.

The effect is a bright, colourful, unique collage picture, showcasing every child as an individual who is a member of our whole school family.

Look out for this amazing collage on merchandise to help raise funds to benefit the children in school.

Christmas 2020 Fundraiser

In lieu of our usual fundraising events (thank you, Covid-19) the PTFA have compiled a book of family favourite recipes from pupils, staff and parents at Hathersage St. Michaels Primary School. Many thanks to Kate Chappell for editing and laying out the book and to Colemans Deli and Hathersage Bakery for stocking it.

You can also buy the book online here on the PTFA website with all profits going to the PTFA. Books can either be collected from Colemans Deli or Hathersage Bakery or delivered via your child at school.

Funds raised are currently going towards new laptops and iPads to assist all children in the school, particularly as the school moves towards blended classroom and online teaching.

Thank you for your support!


How do we spend the funds raised?

Over the last few years the PTFA have provided:

  • Reading books
  • Phonics resources
  • Funds for website development
  • Class cameras
  • Y6 Leavers books
  • Projector and whiteboard for the hall
  • Ipads
  • Laptops and cases
  • Nursery Storage
  • French resources
  • PE mats
  • Assembly Audio Packs ( Songs)
  • Guided Reading Books
  • Wheelbarrows and gardening equipment
  • Commemorative Buddy Bench
  • Microphone and amplifier

Overview of  PTFA Policies & Procedures

The PTFA is an independent voluntary organisation, consisting of parents, supported by friends, teachers and the school. Our purpose is to support the school in improving and augmenting the facilities already in place.

In order to achieve our purpose, the PTFA recognises that the:

  • Money raised coming from PTFA events which are held in a safe and well-managed way.
  • All PTFA profit is spent on improving experiences of pupils at the Hathersage St. Michael’s CE (A) Primary School.
  • Committee members declare any interests that conflict with the PTFA purpose.

Holding events and dealing with finance means that there are risks to be managed & mitigated. The PTFA has therefore decided to adopt the following policies & procedures to ensure that our purpose is achieved, namely:

  1. Risk Management (Physical
  2. Risk Management (Financial)
  3. Conflict of Interests
  4. Complaints handling
  5. DPA protection for members
  6. Safeguarding children

Members of the PTFA Committee have agreed the above PTFA policies and procedures.

These policies will be available on the school web-site and all Committee members are responsible for making themselves aware of our duties and polices.

The PTFA will review our policies annually.

Amendments will be made on a simple majority of the Committee and in the event of a tie the Chairman will have a casting vote.