History at Hathersage!

From the blazing fires of London to the mysterious Ancient Egyptians. From the deadly plagues of Eyam to the miraculous first moon landing. Travel back in time to The Stone Age and delve into the depths of Ancient Greece. From Early Years to Year 6, our children experience History in a fun, engaging and thought provoking way! Our children become inquisitive and knowledgeable about their History topics and develop a range of historical skills and understanding. Where possible, we teach our History in a cross curricular way, as we believe that children learn best when they can see links and purpose to their learning. We also provide children with different experiences to enable them to learn in a variety of ways and incorporate trips regularly. Our children have journeyed to Bolsover Castle, Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet, Crich Tramway Museum, the nearby village of Eyam and back to our village of Hathersage. Take a look through these photos to find out more about our Hathersage historians!


We held a big exhibition in our hall about The Great War and invited our community in to share in the memorabilia along with our old school log books.