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Hathersage St. Michael's C of E (A) Primary School

Brookfield Class Year 5 22-23

Brookfield Class is taught by Miss. Blagden

Brookfield Class Activities for Snow Day 10.3.23


Times Tables

If you have access to a device, practise your times tables on Times Tables Rockstars, timestables.co.uk or Mathsframe. If not, you can practise them by writing them down or saying them out loud. Maybe you could make up a game to help you remember them!


Equivalent Fractions and Decimals

To avoid any confusion, 1/100= one hundredth 1/10= one tenth etc.

  1. How many different ways can you partition the following amounts? Use at least one fraction and one decimal in each. For more of a challenge, try and partition them into more than two numbers each time. For example, 35/100= 2/10 + 5/100 + 0.1
  2. 75/100 2
  3. 1 4/10


  1. Draw your own bar models or number lines to help complete the statements as both a fraction and a decimal.
  2. 1 4/10 = 5 4/100 =
  3. 6 = e. 15/10 =
  4. 3 5/10 =


  1. 15 = 4 ones, 1 tenth and 5 hundredths. Can you write the following numbers in at least three different ways? You can use fractions, decimals and words.
  2. 1 c. 8.02
  3. 26 d. 0.43


  1. Use the digits 1, 2 and 3 to complete the decimal number. ____. ____ ____
  2. List all the possible numbers you can make.
  3. Write these decimals as mixed numbers.
  4. Choose three of the numbers and write them in words.



It is a beautiful snowy day today! Choose one of the following:

  1. Write a description using all your senses to describe your snowy garden or the view from your window/ front door. Try and include some fronted adverbials, adjectives, similes, metaphors and personification. For example: In the garden, the deep, crisp snow lies like a blanket over the shivering garden.
  2. Write a poem about the snow using adjectives, similes, metaphors and personification. You could write an acrostic poem or challenge yourself to write a rhyming poem.


Read your book and update your reading record.

Practise your spellings.



If it is safe to do so and you have appropriate clothing, be energetic and have fun in the snow. You could add an engineering/artistic element and try and build some exciting structures or sculptures!


DT- Food

  1. Can you remember all the food groups that are needed for a balanced diet? List them with some examples of foods.
  2. Look at some foods you have at home. Can you find out about them?
  3. Where in the world are they produced?
  4. How are they produced? Are they grown/ reared/ caught/ processed? Do they have more than one ingredient?
  5. Are they seasonal?
  6. Which food group do they fit into?
  7. What do they taste like?


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